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2021 LITC Brochure (English) 

2021 LITC Brochure (Spanish) 


Information for Taxpayers: 

2022 Tax Season Letter 

Full Script for “Be Careful: It’s Tax Season” video series 

Segment descriptions: 

  1. The importance of using a qualified tax preparer 
  1. Dangers of tax refund anticipation loans or advances 
  1. Three pieces of advice about tax season 
  1. Questions to ask your tax preparer 
  1. Some forms to bring to your tax preparer 
  1. More important information to bring to your tax preparer 
  1. How and why to carefully review your tax returns before signing 
  1. What to take with you when you leave the preparer’s office 
  1. How to find free tax preparation services 
  1. What if you receive an unexpected tax bill? 
  1. Special income tax credits 
  1. When to expect your refund 
  1. What to consider when you get your refund. 


Please Note: The Low Income Taxpayer Clinic at NMLA does not generally provide tax return preparation services. 

If you need tax preparation assistance please contact the following:   

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