New Mexico Stimulus Update


ALL NEW MEXICANS may be eligible to receive rebate (a.k.a. stimulus) payments from the State of NM of up to $750 ($1500 for families) in 2022. 

Two laws were passed in 2022 that provide for either “rebates” or “relief payments” for New Mexicans.  To receive the rebate payments, you need to file your 2021 New Mexico income taxes.

 REBATES: An eligible single person will receive rebate payments of $250 in June, $250 in August, and, depending on income, $250 in July. For an eligible family or head of household, these rebate payments will be $500 in June and August and, again depending on income, $500 in July.  The dates you receive the payments may vary based on when you file your New Mexico income tax returns. 


RELIEF PAYMENT: The application for the relief payment of $500 ($1000 for families) was due May 31, 2022. If you successfully applied for a relief payment, you should receive it by July 4, 2022. But you can still receive the rebate money by filing your New Mexico income taxes (NM PIT-1).  So long as you do not receive the relief payment in 2022, you may get the rebates by filing your 2022 New Mexico tax returns at any time on or before May 31, 2023. 


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Posted: May 24, 2022