NMLA Kinship Care Staff Attorney position available (Deadline:August 15, 2020 or until filled)

NMLA Kinship Care Staff Attorney position available


New Mexico Legal Aid seeks a Staff Attorney to provide services to Kinship Care families.  The position can be based in any of our offices and will involve work throughout New Mexico.


The Staff Attorney will construct and present legal information on Kinship Care legal issues to groups of potential clients, to lay advocates, to school district and agency personnel, and to anyone else who may be benefit. The information will be prepared in a manner that allows for quick and easy dissemination plus easy use by the intended audiences. The attorney will handle some direct service cases to clients which will consist mostly of advice and brief service. Court appearances may be included but are expected to be rare. The successful candidate will also be responsible to help build a referral system among other providers, legal and non-legal, and the NM Children, Youth, and Families Department.


Kinship Care families are any household that has permanent members who are minors and who have not been placed in the household through custody or guardianship proceedings. There may be occasion to represent a petitioning household to obtain guardianship of a minor.


The work will include significant amounts of outreach and education, whether virtual or in-person as circumstances permit. The attorney will need to be proficient in PowerPoint, or other similar media, and be able to use technology to demonstrate important material to client groups, and to collect feedback information from them.


The Staff Attorney will be active in local bar and community activities.


Kinship Care work can be very challenging.  The families in our target populations are poor uninformed of their rights, and generally unassisted in their efforts to obtain legal information and advocate for themselves.  Candidates must therefore be compassionate, patient, determined and resilient.


NMLA handles a wide range of creative, challenging and complex work. We seek highly motivated candidates who are passionate about and strongly committed to helping NMLA better serve our client communities. Successful candidates can be include in team efforts to develop effective strategies to handle complex advocacy and extended representation cases.   


Requirements: Two years’ experience as a licensed attorney preferred. Must be willing to travel. Must be able to effectively use computer technology and remote communications systems, including shared on-line workspaces and web meeting and videoconferencing software, to effectively collaborate and collaborate with staff located in multiple offices. Candidates also must possess excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to manage multiple tasks, manage a caseload and build collaborative relationships within the staff and the community.

Applicants may be subject to a background search. Please do not let this deter you from applying. NMLA is committed to a strong workforce and recognizes that persons with marks on their record may still be able to perform admirably.


This position is partially grant-funded, and continued employment, as with all positions at NMLA, is dependent on continued funding.


Send a current resume, and a letter of interest explaining what you would like to accomplish if you are selected for this position to: jobs@nmlegalaid.org


Salary: DOE – union scale, excellent benefits, NMLA is an EEO Employer. Application Deadline: August 15, 2020, or until position filled.

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